Hardwired Entertainment x Goatbrand mx

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At GOATBRAND we pride ourselves on supporting homegrown local talent in the moto scene. Some of these guys are absolutely killing it and we get such a rad vibe knowing that we can help contribute to someone achieving their goals and aspirations.

To add to that we are absouletly pumped to announce that we have teamed up with the boys from Hardwired Entertainment. 

Hardwired Entertainment are Perth's premier freestyle motocross team, These fellas have been called WA's best extreme sports experience, with their impressive FMX abilities. These boys have been killing it in the Aus FMX scene and we couldn't be happier for these guys to wear our gear.

You can see the boys at the Kalgoorlie desert race on the 21st and 22nd of October at Kalgoorlie international speedway, Goldfields Hwy, Mullingar. Its going to be an awesome event, and if your there make sure you see the fellas put on a show

PS:  Ask the boys for the discount code to get 10% off